Disease Models & Mechanisms

The MOHHA meeting program themes will be finalised based on submitted abstracts but will include: Neurogenetics and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Cancer genetics Disease Gene Discovery Stem Cells Developmental Biology Rare Disease Genetics Functional Genomics    

Our Sponsors

The MOHHA meeting Committee acknowledges and thanks the following sponsors for their donations: The Company of Biologists http://www.biologists.com  Monash University http://www.monash.edu The University of South Australia http://www.unisa.edu.au The Genetics Society of AustralAsia http://www.genetics.org.au Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute http://www.armi.org.au   Queensland Brain Institute http://www.qbi.uq.edu.au Australian Phenomics Network http://www.australianphenomics.org.au    Monash University School of Biological Sciences http://www.monash.edu/science/schools/biological-sciencesMore Our Sponsors

Participating communities

Researchers attending this meeting will include representatives from the following communitites: Drosophila Zebrafish C.elegans Mice Yeast Medical researchers Clinical researchers